Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just plain weird

I've been thinking a ton lately (this is a brand new development) how i made any mark on the photographic world. I really was wondering how I did anything with photography and my final answer was. The big secret to how I did anything in the photography world....drum roll please.... I got to be just plain weird, silly, wack, nerdy, what ever word you choose to describe me. Now don't go all crazy on me thinking "that Russell guy he's a weirdo creeper man dude" or some other awkward statement. Weird maybe, creeper not so much. I really thought about how photography is just an expression of who I am and nothing less. I don't condone people to go out and do things that are crazy or creepy but don't be afraid of expressing who you are down the inter most being. I found that my style of lighting changes as I go through life. I express myself through how I photograph. I will always do things that cater to each model and client but I really express myself through photography. It's why I love taking pictures of weddings or portraits, love and people are such a huge portion of my life. I like to express these things through each of my photos.
I love trying things that are different that what everyone else is doing! combining both commercial edy with fashion editing or add different lighting and creating something different. I love those imperfections in photos instead of the photos being perfect. I like the character of them. So how did I do anything, I got to be just plain weird. It's what makes me tick.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Something new!!

So I got my Christmas present in and what did I do? Started shooting!! I love the stuff I got!
# new soft boxes, a boom stand, and new camera strap(my old one was terrible)So excited for what this year has in store already! Check out what I was able to do with the my new fun stuff! Love love love this all! Hope you enjoy the work I was able to do with some great models as much as I was able to enjoy this!

I thought I'd share this image above just so you are able to see how I did some of my images!
7 foot boom stand
28"x28" sfotbox
YN560 speed light
Cactus v5  triggers
and awesome model!!

two of the photos above used 3 lights similar set up to the photo below only a 28"x28" softbox instead of the 16x16

And one of my favorites Mr. Blake Conlin!
pretty awesome guy thats good at any sport he plays including racquetball where he is sponsored by E-Force as a racquetball player for tournaments

3 lights used in this
16" x 16" soft box front light
42" octaboxes as back lights
HDR of the racquetball court

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lauren and Mike part 2

Here is part two of the blog! but none of these photos were taken by me! These were 100% taken by a great friend of mine. Wayde Bowker! He's just starting out but he is already pretty legit with a camera!! Check out this pro-ness 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Jordan and Katie Engaged

All I can say to this is that I am so freaking honored to be part of this day! One of my great friends proposed to his girlfriend of three years today and holy crap was I happy to be one of the few people outside of family that knew this was coming! I loved being able to spend this time seeing him do this with his soon to be wife! Oh I am incredibly excited! So excited I'd make a bad joke to illustrate it but I'll save you from the bad humor! but look at this specialness that I was apart of today

Lauren and Mike

to start out I must say that I am one lucky guy to be shooting a friends wedding! I met Lauren years ago swing dancing and have had the privilege of watching her relationship with Mike grow more and more! You can see the love these two have for each other from like a mile a way. they say love is in the air well with these two you can practically smell it off of them! it was such and honor shooting this engagement shoot and I really, I mean really really look forward to shooting their wedding! So blessed by these two!