Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Something so simple but is so key. I think the saying "It's not about the destination but about the journey to get there" is a saying too used. I think its used more of an excuse not to keep the end in mind. Remember that end result is the thing that drives you more than anything. Everyone single one of us will fail over and over and over, but the fastest key to success is the double the rate of failure. Each time we fail we learn. I continually fail in every area of my life but its a lesson i learn. I keep my end result in mind for each area of my life. It's what drives me. My goal as a photographer is not to be some big shot guy that can charge $50,000 a wedding. My goal is to get good enough to equip other photographers with the same tools I have been blessed with. I want to be able to guide and mentor photographers to go as far in photography as THEY dream about going. But it starts with a vision.
Dream, Visualize, Plan, Act.
You will get there if you put the effort into it. If your desire is great the discipline will follow

Proverbs 16:3 Commit your plans to the Lord and your plans will be established.

Russell Hebert Photography

Monday, June 20, 2011

Marc and Amy engaged!!

So excited that I am able to shoot Marc and Amy's wedding next April! They are getting married at the Dunes of Newport next to Fashion Island! My cousin and his fiancé were awesome! such a privilege to shoot this couple at Woods cove in Laguna Beach. I really look forward to shooting this wedding. It's couples like this that make it such a blessing to be doing wedding photography for a living. i pray i can continue to shoot weddings to get more and more couples like Mark and Amy. This smile on Marc's face was only caused because he knew that I was going to take him and Amy out for dinner soon after the engagement session. Definitely a nice time at P.F. Changs right after the engagement shoot. What ever it takes to get that real smile
Russell Hebert Photography

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

For such a long time i looked for inspiratoin from every other source around. I so badly wanted to be like every other photographer around (Part of me still does). I continaully let my style change over and over again to try to compensate for things i could not think of my self. I would see something cool from one photographer and use it hten see something different and try to use it. This went on and on. I tried to be a master of everything photographer. Research landscape, wildlife, portrait, and wedding photographers and try to be like every single one of them. (Now I'm not saying looking to other photographers is a bad idea) I finally realized that my source of inspiration should come from one area. My God. My Lord inspires me more than anything else. I continually looked to inspiring sayings and quotes to keep me running although God does use them from time to time to inspire me, it wasnt until i looked into that Holy Love letter...aka the Bible.. that i found my true inspiration. I finally learned what art and beauty consist of. It was by the intamate relationship given by the Lord than i found what truly will inspire me for the rest of my life. I looked to my portfolio and it shows where i was leaning on the Lord for His creativity rather than my own. My suggestion to all photographers out there. find what inspires you and lean on it. For me it is the Lord Jesus Christ that will forever inspire me to do what I do. If raods are blocked I know its a raod i am not supposed to follow.
I know my inspiration has and always will come from leaning upon our Lord Jesus Christ

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I've been asked how I do something I do, to be honest some times I don't even know. I have found one key thing in my life of photography that I must cling to. Photography is not my job or career, its my passion. Art is created through passion? I think many photographer's get caught up in the looks and the professionalism in photography (every photographer should be professional) but I think the passion is missed through out the shoot. When a photographer is passionate about what they do, the client is passionate about what they will get. I am no where near great as a photographer. I hope i never get the term as being "great" the only compliment I strive to get as a photographer is "passionate." it is the passion that truly drives me as a photographer. If I was not passionate about photography I would have lost interest months ago. My passion remains, as should yours. Passion in my eyes boosts creativity. Passion makes the photographer unique. Passion is the driving force behind every hero of mine.