Saturday, June 18, 2011


I've been asked how I do something I do, to be honest some times I don't even know. I have found one key thing in my life of photography that I must cling to. Photography is not my job or career, its my passion. Art is created through passion? I think many photographer's get caught up in the looks and the professionalism in photography (every photographer should be professional) but I think the passion is missed through out the shoot. When a photographer is passionate about what they do, the client is passionate about what they will get. I am no where near great as a photographer. I hope i never get the term as being "great" the only compliment I strive to get as a photographer is "passionate." it is the passion that truly drives me as a photographer. If I was not passionate about photography I would have lost interest months ago. My passion remains, as should yours. Passion in my eyes boosts creativity. Passion makes the photographer unique. Passion is the driving force behind every hero of mine.

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