Monday, August 29, 2011

Taking just a step back...

I recently shot a wedding with Nadege Barnes the owner of "A Touch of French Romance" at the Newport Beach Country Club in ..well Newport Beach. My goal for the entire wedding was to try and get something so incredibly different, unique and well stunning. Every time I took a shot I looked and visioned asking my self is this "the one." The first dance photo I loved but I wasn't sure if i got "the one" that I was looking for. Over and over I kept looking for "thee" shot. It wasn't until I finally stopped shooting for a minute, stepped outside for some water and air. On my way inside it hit me, candles, fog, dancing, and the lights were set up on the dance floor *BAM* I Found "the one" I was looking for the entire night, now the only thing I needed was that perfect moment in time. As I waited and waited and waited and waited..... Okay i didn't wait that long it was like a total of two minutes. I got the shot i wanted all night, happened to be right before the night was over. All it took was that time for me to take a step back and look.
I took this lesson to more than photography. At life. Sometimes all we have to do is take a step back and realize that the perfect blessing is right in front of you the whole time. Sometimes all it takes to realize what is in front of you is a step back.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Five Minutes and Random Objects

Photography. Its more than my passoin, it's my life. I feel so lucky to be able to get this stuff like this. While talking with another photographer Melanie Ryan we brought up the use of flash. I happened to have my camera gear on me that day and a spare Scott Robert Lim flash card on me as well. We spent five minute discusssing flash and decided to take some pictures of her daughter Danielle. Now if i gave you a blank wall a bench, a couch and a pillow case is this what you would have seen? I was lucky enough to look through the house to find this bench that wasn't being used by the front door and fired a flash through the bars of the bench to create some shadows on the background. Then continued to fire a second flash through a pillow case about 1 foot from her face to create nice soft light. Its awesome how a few flashes, a gorgeous model, couch, wall, pillow case and a random bench could create. Photography create beauty out of randomness. As a photographer its my job to create beauty out of everything. Everything is beautiful in its own way, its my job to find that beauty and capture it.