Friday, August 12, 2011

Five Minutes and Random Objects

Photography. Its more than my passoin, it's my life. I feel so lucky to be able to get this stuff like this. While talking with another photographer Melanie Ryan we brought up the use of flash. I happened to have my camera gear on me that day and a spare Scott Robert Lim flash card on me as well. We spent five minute discusssing flash and decided to take some pictures of her daughter Danielle. Now if i gave you a blank wall a bench, a couch and a pillow case is this what you would have seen? I was lucky enough to look through the house to find this bench that wasn't being used by the front door and fired a flash through the bars of the bench to create some shadows on the background. Then continued to fire a second flash through a pillow case about 1 foot from her face to create nice soft light. Its awesome how a few flashes, a gorgeous model, couch, wall, pillow case and a random bench could create. Photography create beauty out of randomness. As a photographer its my job to create beauty out of everything. Everything is beautiful in its own way, its my job to find that beauty and capture it.

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