Friday, October 12, 2012

Brandon Rohrer

This was a very long over due session with a great friend and musician Brandon Rohrer. One of the most interesting experiences I've had while shooting. To illustrate this I have a story of something that happened during the shoot. So while we were doing this shoot at skyline, these guys drove down the mountain and realized they were locked in skyline (We thought it was hilarious). To give you a picture of what this looked like for us, Think small truck driving really fast on a dirt road as if it were a 4x4, the guys dressed in pants 3 sizes too big for them sagging super far down (My guess is they were trying to, tall socks and a super baggy shirt. So they realize they are locked in see that we are like 30 feet from the gate ...and what do they ask? "Hey you guys....yea you guys right there taking pictures...did you lock us out?"
I wasn't really sure what to say to that but we continued to shoot for the remainder of the session. Here is a preview of my favorites from the shoot! 

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