Friday, October 26, 2012


Photo above is the result of the detour. read on to see how I got to this

Last Friday night I danced on a table top, went on some crazy hike and blew up a car...okay maybe I didn't do all that. Something I did realize though was that taking a different path than your normal routine may produce something ... well amazing.

Starting out I did a shoot at Santa Rosa Plateau with my cousin and her family. They have three freaking awesome and cute kids. I can say it was definitely entertaining getting to do their shoot The little girl in red would go around acting like she was a plane super cute girl.
Okay I realize that I haven't gotten to the part where the detour comes in's coming and you'll see how it produced something I think quite beautiful. But after the shoot we went to dinner at Pat and Oscars. (BEST bread sticks ever!!) By the time I got home it was about 8:30pm where I picked up a few of my friends to go out to Dana point for a movie night. On the way home instead of taking the freeway I decided to take the side roads to Corona. Taking Ortega Highway home from Dana Point took almost two hours. It seemed forever!!!! but then again it was a nice curvy road so it was incredibly fun. Right when we were getting close to to being at the end of Ortega highway, we saw that car had fallen off the edge of the road so we stopped to see. Needless to say that there were 5 fire trucks nad 2 two trucks and I really dont know what else already there (pointless detail not needed to be said but yea) as we stopped we looked for about maybe 15 seconds realizing that there was absolutely nothing we could do so we over looked Lake Elsinore which was covered by a nice layer of fog. This fog covered the city lights so the stars were incredibly bright this night. Here is what the outlook looked like. 

So being that it was 1:30 am when we finally left the outlook I had to go back and get my camera. I drove home and dropped everyone off to get my camera and came back. I didn't get back till 2:30-2:45 and stayed out till passed 3:15 am. This is where I finally realized that detours can create something beautiful. Detours are beautiful! They are needed sometimes! I can say in every shoot I really try to make sure that I may have one detour and usually those are the times when I see magic happen. I think its in those times of uncertainty that something incredible can happen. So my challenge to you is embrace the change and uncertainty when it comes...I guarantee something beautiful will come out of it! 

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