Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Should money really matter?

So I've spent a great majority of today really thinking about what I'd do if money had nothing to do with my occupation. It all started by watching this video. I'd suggest taking a few minutes and watch this video.

I really came to realize that I'd love to do photography no matter how much money I make. Even if its nothing. The reason I do it is so much more than a profession. I love how seeing people smile, I love the way God made this world, there is so much in this world that I love to see, how could I do anything other than trying to capture in a picture just a piece of the beauty God created. When I see a bride smile, a baby laugh, beautiful landscape, a mother cry from joy as her son or daughter gets married, the look on a man's face as he looks in the eyes of the one he loves, my heart stops for a second and thinks about how precious it is to capture moments like these for others to remember. I love being able to interact with clients tat are insecure about how they look, to show them they are freaking stunning. they take after the image of God who made them and He sure did good! I love being able to go into places that seem ugly and take a photo that people love because it's more than what they originally saw. No matter how much I make I don't care, I'd rather be scraping by this life, and showing people how amazing this earth is through my photography than making a ton of money and not showing anyone.
Every portrait shoot or wedding I do, I look back and love seeing how amazing these people look. my heart sinks, I love what I do not because of the reward of travel or free food (although I must say it's quite nice having both) but because of the beauty of the things I get to take photos of.
This is one of my favorite photos and to be honest that is looking at Lake Elsinore. Who would have guessed you can see this from looking over Lake Elsinore some nights.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Sarah+National Geographic

The day before thanksgiving I was able to do a photo shoot of one of the most godly woman I know. Sarah Kliminski (Kind of fun last name to read). It was incredibly fun! I can say that I am really loving doing most studio type shoots! It's been a huge blessing to do these shoots! But let me say that doing this one was incredibly fun and different. The props we used were her bible, journal, and a pen. Something incredibly simple but powerful! Something about a woman reading her bible is serene!

Last thing is that I entered into a National Geographic contest today! I am really praying for God's will to be done and not mine but how cool would it be to win! the rules were to have 1 photo with a story and three photos that show your photographic talent. So here are the photos I chose.
This was the story photo ^^ and I titled it the legacy of a working man. In short the photo story would be a picture of all his kids and what they have accomplished with parts of his influence. His children includ one daughter who has done the Ironman and is now a motivational speaker, a hospice nurse, an outpatient nurse, electrician and last but definitely not least the John Deere of men (one of those guys that does it all)
Below I have posted the three photos I submitted as my photos to show photographic talent

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Here is a quote in the last few days I've seen and read multiple times! "We often take for granted the things that most deserve our gratitude" Cynthia Ozick. May I just say that there are a few people I'd really like to thank. First off is my dad.
Dad thank you for buying an SLR even though you had no idea what you were buying or how to use it. If it weren't for you buying that SLR I would not be able to do anything that I am doing right now with photography. I really this all to you and that day. I can't express how much I am thankful for what you've given me.

Next my mom.
Mom you have been both a great fan and critic. You'd be the first to tell me if you liked a photo or how much you didn't like a picture. Even through the times I'd get annoyed by you I can't thank you enough for making me strive harder and harder to get better at what I do.

Next is a friend I haven't seen in a while: Danielle.
I'm not sure if I can tell you how much you've made a difference in my photography career. Let me say one thing  if it wasn't for you and your gentle spirit I'd have stayed so incredibly prideful about what I could do even though I really couldn't do much at that point. Thank you for showing me what humility looks like as a photographer.

Nancy Gall, my very first photography teacher
There is something she said to me in the first photography class I took that I will always hold on to. You can learn something in photography from every person no matter how much experience they have in the field. it could be their first day using a camera or their 50th year being professional you can learn from them. Oh my goodness how that really took me back and made me really focus on being open to learning from all people not just those I thought were better than me.

Last person I really want to thank is a friend of mine, Larissa.
Let me be completely honest, I really wouldn't even be a photographer if it wasn't for the role you have played in my life. I am incredibly thankful for the patience you showed me in that first year of shooting as I did not want to take any of your advice. This business I have is really due to you. Some people do you favors that you can repay in life. This is one of those occasions where I will never be able to repay what she has done in my life. from the bottom of my heart I am truly thankful for you getting me into this.

These are just a few that have really helped me out along the journey of photography.

Going on a little more the very first portrait shoot I ever did was with this couple I am about to show you. Jessica and Charles. I remember about 2 days before I had just bought my 50mm f/1.8 lens for 100 bucks and it was the only lens I used on this shoot. I'll admit I thought I was pro.. (i sucked) but I really thought I was good! I did the shoot and edited the photos that night with Larissa and they were off. Then They had contacted Larissa again for another shoot and can I say the images are night and day difference between now and then. Thank you again Larissa for letting me second shoot with this couple. It's been quite a journey with photography and this really made me think of how I got into photography.

Lastly I think Jessica is the dream client. Let me tell you how awesome it was shooting yesterday! She has so much energy when it comes to her photos it makes shooting more than just fun. I had such a blast seeing her energy when it came to this shoot. Oh how I enjoyed seeing her enthusiasm through out the shoot and her energy as she say each of the photos. Definitely a dream client. Thank you Jessica for being soooo....well... awesome!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lizzie and Ray engagement

yesterday was such an awesome engagement shoot with two phenomenal people yesterday! Lizzie and Ray were so incredibly fun to take pictures of. The love they showed for each other was incredible but why talk about it when I can show you with the pictures I took.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Last minute ...awesomeness

This was a last minute shoot with one of my great friends...I'm pretty lucky my two best friends are both great looking people... Take a look here is one of them.. This is Kylie Moore and she is definitely a gorgeous woman!
I'll be doing another shoot with her in a little over two weeks. Incredibly excited for it!
She can pull off both the beauty look and the dark ... now that is skill

 this was the Russell... Really .. really Russell look