Monday, November 12, 2012

And it was.... Legendary

This weekend was well... legendary, 16 hours of  car driving time, 1000miles, Vegas and Joshua tree, and 16+ hours of shooting. I think its safe to say that I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this weekend
But I learned a lot this weekend. Here are some of the things I learned while in Vegas

  1. Limos does not mean someone is famous or there is a room going on. It simply means that there is either a bachelor/bachelorette party, people are going to the strip club (if you don't know what that means go ask your parents) or it means that they just got married. Half the limos say "Just Married"
  2. Parking lots are really skate parks and skate parks ...well I never saw any so I don't know
  3. Sunset is really just the start of the day and sunrise is the end of the day
  4. Hitting someone for out of state license plates is really just saying I don't like you too much right now so every other car that drives by I'm going to call out of state and hit you really hard
  5. The public restrooms are really the first wall you see that's not on directly facing the street
  6. Non smokers are a minority
  7. Check points are being set up at 5am
  8. It's actually hard to find a Starbucks that's not closed (outside of the strip)
  9. I learned Las Vegas and Disneyland have a lot in common
  10. All characters are welcome
  11. People break their bubbles
  12. Drinks and food are over priced for under portioned meals
  13. Every awesome thing is strategically placed at a good walking distance away from each other
  14. There are roller coasters
  15. Most people act like are incredibly happy (except those dads with their kids)
  16. And the police don't start work till the sunsets and finish when it rises
  17. Hotel advertise they have color tvs like it's something new
  18. All the polite chivalrous men go to Vegas. They have the most gentlemen clubs out of anywhere else I've been
  19. Only in Vegas do the radio hosts have easier voices than smokers after 100 years of smoking
  20. Even the dogs pose for pictures in Vegas
 Although I can't post the photos from Vegas until the magazine publishes the photos All I need to say is that this weekend was awesome and I'll have the availibility to go back there soon and do another shoot
after Vegas I came home for 30 minutes before heading out to Joshua tree. Headed out there for the night and the next day to take pictures of an awesome model and friend Kailey Vining. 
Take a look at the talent this girl has 


  1. Russell you crack me up!!! I laughed so hard I cried!!! Miss you!!

    The photos are stunning and amazing! Great job!!

    1. Thanks Danie! Miss you too! I'm really trying to get some clients out in Arkansas so I can come out there and see you!
      Look forward to seeing you in January!