Saturday, November 3, 2012

Finally getting my baby back

So for the last month and a half my camera was in Nikon's service center. I finally was able to get it back yesterday. I'm pretty sure that I screamed inside when I got it back.....Okay okay okay... maybe I  screamed like a little girl out loud but to my credit i did contain it up until I got to the car. Even though I was in the car I'm pretty sure the car alarms went off when I screamed. It was a fantastic moment. As a celebratory moment I thought I'd just hold onto my camera and cherish the moment for ever...well for really like the hour drive back to corona. Right when I got back to corona I had a shoot to do with a very beautiful friend of mine. We decided to go to the "burnt house" in corona. One of my favorite locations for shoots! I discovered about a year ago and definitely fell in love with this location. For All of you photographers wondering how I got lit these photos I'll be sharing how I did it in my next blog post. 

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