Friday, November 23, 2012

Sarah+National Geographic

The day before thanksgiving I was able to do a photo shoot of one of the most godly woman I know. Sarah Kliminski (Kind of fun last name to read). It was incredibly fun! I can say that I am really loving doing most studio type shoots! It's been a huge blessing to do these shoots! But let me say that doing this one was incredibly fun and different. The props we used were her bible, journal, and a pen. Something incredibly simple but powerful! Something about a woman reading her bible is serene!

Last thing is that I entered into a National Geographic contest today! I am really praying for God's will to be done and not mine but how cool would it be to win! the rules were to have 1 photo with a story and three photos that show your photographic talent. So here are the photos I chose.
This was the story photo ^^ and I titled it the legacy of a working man. In short the photo story would be a picture of all his kids and what they have accomplished with parts of his influence. His children includ one daughter who has done the Ironman and is now a motivational speaker, a hospice nurse, an outpatient nurse, electrician and last but definitely not least the John Deere of men (one of those guys that does it all)
Below I have posted the three photos I submitted as my photos to show photographic talent

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