Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Should money really matter?

So I've spent a great majority of today really thinking about what I'd do if money had nothing to do with my occupation. It all started by watching this video. I'd suggest taking a few minutes and watch this video.

I really came to realize that I'd love to do photography no matter how much money I make. Even if its nothing. The reason I do it is so much more than a profession. I love how seeing people smile, I love the way God made this world, there is so much in this world that I love to see, how could I do anything other than trying to capture in a picture just a piece of the beauty God created. When I see a bride smile, a baby laugh, beautiful landscape, a mother cry from joy as her son or daughter gets married, the look on a man's face as he looks in the eyes of the one he loves, my heart stops for a second and thinks about how precious it is to capture moments like these for others to remember. I love being able to interact with clients tat are insecure about how they look, to show them they are freaking stunning. they take after the image of God who made them and He sure did good! I love being able to go into places that seem ugly and take a photo that people love because it's more than what they originally saw. No matter how much I make I don't care, I'd rather be scraping by this life, and showing people how amazing this earth is through my photography than making a ton of money and not showing anyone.
Every portrait shoot or wedding I do, I look back and love seeing how amazing these people look. my heart sinks, I love what I do not because of the reward of travel or free food (although I must say it's quite nice having both) but because of the beauty of the things I get to take photos of.
This is one of my favorite photos and to be honest that is looking at Lake Elsinore. Who would have guessed you can see this from looking over Lake Elsinore some nights.

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