Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just plain weird

I've been thinking a ton lately (this is a brand new development) how i made any mark on the photographic world. I really was wondering how I did anything with photography and my final answer was. The big secret to how I did anything in the photography world....drum roll please.... I got to be just plain weird, silly, wack, nerdy, what ever word you choose to describe me. Now don't go all crazy on me thinking "that Russell guy he's a weirdo creeper man dude" or some other awkward statement. Weird maybe, creeper not so much. I really thought about how photography is just an expression of who I am and nothing less. I don't condone people to go out and do things that are crazy or creepy but don't be afraid of expressing who you are down the inter most being. I found that my style of lighting changes as I go through life. I express myself through how I photograph. I will always do things that cater to each model and client but I really express myself through photography. It's why I love taking pictures of weddings or portraits, love and people are such a huge portion of my life. I like to express these things through each of my photos.
I love trying things that are different that what everyone else is doing! combining both commercial edy with fashion editing or add different lighting and creating something different. I love those imperfections in photos instead of the photos being perfect. I like the character of them. So how did I do anything, I got to be just plain weird. It's what makes me tick.

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