Saturday, January 5, 2013

Something new!!

So I got my Christmas present in and what did I do? Started shooting!! I love the stuff I got!
# new soft boxes, a boom stand, and new camera strap(my old one was terrible)So excited for what this year has in store already! Check out what I was able to do with the my new fun stuff! Love love love this all! Hope you enjoy the work I was able to do with some great models as much as I was able to enjoy this!

I thought I'd share this image above just so you are able to see how I did some of my images!
7 foot boom stand
28"x28" sfotbox
YN560 speed light
Cactus v5  triggers
and awesome model!!

two of the photos above used 3 lights similar set up to the photo below only a 28"x28" softbox instead of the 16x16

And one of my favorites Mr. Blake Conlin!
pretty awesome guy thats good at any sport he plays including racquetball where he is sponsored by E-Force as a racquetball player for tournaments

3 lights used in this
16" x 16" soft box front light
42" octaboxes as back lights
HDR of the racquetball court

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